Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MAF is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of all donors, employees, board members and other stakeholders. MAF values the trust of all those we deal with, recognizing the need for accountability regarding all information that is shared with us.

During the course of the various projects, programs and activities it may become necessary for the MAF to gather and use personal information. The MAF is committed to the protection of this information and to prevent its dissemination. Reports to the public of endowments and donors form a regular part of the business of the MAF. This information is available in the annual printed reports and /or in press releases. Whenever and wherever anonymity is requested, this will be respected and honored.

All personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence and used only as it pertains to the practices and activities of the MAF. All measures will be taken to prevent the loss or destruction of this information. The secretary of the board is designated as the privacy officer.

What is Considered Personal Information?

Personal information is anything that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact any individual, company or corporation by means of name, address, birth date email address, phone number etc. This information will not be rented or sold to any third party. Should it become necessary to make any of this information available to contract services (printers, designers etc) utmost discretion will be used by MAF staff or board members to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Web Site and Electronic Commerce

Should the MAF become involved in the electronic transfer and dissemination of information and /or funds, every effort will be made to ensure the protection, the confidentiality and the privacy of all such transfers by means of password protocols, encryption software and firewalls.

The same privacy practices and policies apply whether in regular or in electronic commerce and exchange.

Contact Information

Questions, concerns or complaints regarding the MAF privacy policies and practices should be made in writing and mailed or emailed, addressed to the secretary to the addresses listed below. Name and address or telephone number must accompany the letter so that it can be dealt with properly.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 12, 2016