Grant Activity – Morris General Hospital

Grant Activity – Morris General Hospital

Report from Morris General Hospital – Palliative Care

The granted funds from the Morris Area Foundation were used to help cover expenses related to a renovation this past summer, of the Palliative Care Suite at the Morris General Hospital. The project included new furniture, a new air conditioning unit and a fresh coat of paint and other miscellaneous work. We thank you for your interest and support of this project.

Grant Activity – Morris & District Centennial Museum

With funds from the grant from the Morris Area Foundation and money from other sources, The Morris & District Centennial Museum Inc. chose to educate the public as to the roles Alexander Morris and his son, Edmund Morris played in the development of our town and our country. The Town of Morris was named after Alexander Morris. His role in negotiating Treaties 3,4,5 and 6 as well as redoing Treaties 1 and 2 with the Indigenous people of the area has greatly influenced our development as a province and a country. His work as a cabinet member in Sir John A Macdonald’s cabinet and then serving as Lieutenant Governor of the area has not been given the recognition it should have received. It is somewhat shocking to find so many locals had very little or no knowledge of his work. The same can be said for the artistic skill of his son, Edmund Morris.

Edmund Morris was a portrait artist who was commissioned by the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta to paint portraits of Indian Chiefs as part of a permanent record. We are pleased to have an original portrait done by Edmund Morris on display at the museum.

Over 100 people attended a dessert and coffee gathering at the museum on July 1. We had photos of Alexander Morris, special charts prepared as well as copies of Treaties 1, 2, and 3 available for the visitors to scan. We also updated the museum brochure which will become part of tourism promotions.

Annual General Meeting – 2017

A year has gone by quickly and we are again getting ready for our Annual General Meeting.  On behalf of The Morris Area Foundation, we invite you to attend our 3rd Annual General Meeting on June 8th at 7:00 pm at the Riverview Golf and Country Club in Morris. With your generous donor support, we have made significant progress. With your ongoing support, we hope to continue growing.  President Del Stevenson commented that “A lot has changed for the MAF since the start a mere 3 years ago. Starting with slightly more than $3,000 from a grant from the Morris Lions Club, our Endowment Fund now sits at over $135,000. Thanks to great support from organizations like the Thomas Sill Foundation, the Winnipeg Foundation, the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th and most of all the great support we have received from present and former residents and businesses of the Morris Foundation area, which includes the entire RM of Morris including the communities of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Aubigny, Sperling and the Town of Morris”.  Want to hear more? Join us Thursday June 8th, 7pm. for coffee, cake and conversation.

At the meeting we will present our financial picture, our activities throughout the previous year and our strategies and growth prospects.  We will also be discussing future grants and have speakers from a few local charities.

Come and meet the board members, have coffee and share your ideas or concerns with us. We would love to see you at the meeting.  We would like to continue updating you on our progress.

Could you please provide us with your email address for further correspondence.

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Community Funds for Canada’s 150th

The Morris Area Foundation Inc. in partnership with the Community Foundations of Canada are pleased to announce awards under the Community Funds for Canada’s 150th.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th. year –  The Valley Agricultural Society in Morris, will receive $5,000 for the Development of an Aboriginal Community at this year’s Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition July 20 to 23, 2017 “to encourage cultural and communal growth.”

The Morris Area Recreation Commission in Morris, will be receiving $5,000 for the Morris Splash Park which will be constructed this summer for “an inclusive, community supported splash park that will increase outdoor recreation and community spirit.”


These initiatives are made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between The Morris Area Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

A BIG Thank You

A BIG Thank You to all you wonderful people who want to make a difference in our community and have contributed to the November 19th Endow Challenge for the Morris Area Foundation.

This year your donations of $13,975.00 were stretched to $15,975.00 by the Winnipeg Foundation.  This now makes our total community endowment fund at just over the $100,000.00 mark.  It’s a wonderful thing for the RM of Morris and the Town of Morris.

Your contribution will always stay with our Foundation. The more donations come in, the greater amount we have to grant to our community.

With your help, we are already making a difference. This year, thanks to a private donor, we have been able to grant $6,000.00 to valuable needs in our community.

December is the end of the tax year, a great time to consider a gift to the Morris Area Foundation and invest in the future of the RM of Morris and The Town of Morris.

MAF Participates in Endow Manitoba

The Morris Area Foundation is participating in Endow Manitoba, an annual, province-wide campaign that encourages Manitobans to contribute to their local community foundation during the month of November.

“Community foundations are a great way to support your hometown today, tomorrow and forever,” says Del Stevenson, Co-Chair of The Morris Area Foundation Inc. “We want to make sure everyone knows about our foundation and how it works. Endow Manitoba helps us get the word out and encourage people from all walks of life to support us however they are able.”


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MAF Grants Get a Boost for 2016

The Morris Area Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of it’s 2016 grant program. Thanks to a donor who wishes not to be identified, the MAF has been able to double its contribution to five area projects, for a total of $6,000:

The Rosenort School Parent Advisory Council – a digital sign for the Rosenort School, Morris General Hospital – upgrade to Pallitive Care room, Valley Regional Library –  entrance accessibility to the library, Morris & District Centennial Museum Inc. – a history project for Canada 150 on Alexander Morris, Busy Nest Day Care Inc. – upgrades to it’s Kids on the Corner facility.


The Morris Area Foundation is also supporting 2 project applications under the Community Foundations of Canada –  CFC 150 Program. The Community Foundations of Canada to which the MAF belongs is matching local community foundation projects that celebrate Canada’s 150 to a maximum of $5,000 per member foundation.


The donor, a former resident of the MAF area, indicated their support for the MAF saying “Sometimes you have a good year. You start to think about where you grew up and the connection you still have there. I wanted to help make a difference now for the area. The MAF is relatively new and I wanted to help spread the word that they are here now and will be into the future.”


The Morris Area Foundation Inc .  partners with donors to build permanent endowment funding from which projects of the entire Rural Municipality of Morris , including the communities of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Aubigny, Sperling and the Town of Morris are supported.


Please don’t forget the Endow Manitoba day Saturday November 19, where your donation to the MAF will be stretched!  You too can make a difference in your community for the future.

First Grant Awarded to Community Projects

Morris Area Foundation Awards First Grants to Community Projects

The Morris Area Foundation Inc. is pleased to announce its first awards to organizations operating in their area. President Del Stevenson says, “The Foundation is excited to be able to give back to worthwhile community projects made possible by generous donations.” The Morris Area Foundation has been in operation for approximately one year. The projects approved amount to a total of $1,600. The Canadian Cancer Society Manitoba Branch received support to conduct an awareness event in Morris to “Promote the health risks of radon gas.” Tami Thiessen, Southern Regional Representative states that “Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco. Our goal is to make Morris and area residents aware of the importance of testing their homes for radon gas.”  The event is scheduled for early December 2015. Watch for notices.

The Busy Nest Day Care Inc. of Morris received assistance to aid in the renovation of its Kids on the Corner location on Montreal Street. Chairperson Alicia Hoffman says that “They currently serve 61 families with 84 children. The majority of the families are from the Town and RM of Morris.” The renovations will progress as funds become available. The Busy Nest Day Care has been in operation in Morris since 1976.

The Morris Area Foundation Inc .  partners with donors to build permanent endowment funding from which projects of the entire Rural Municipality of Morris , including the communities of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Aubigny, Sperling and the Town of Morris are supported. For more details call: 204-746-8938 or 204-746-8186.