We are grateful for every donor, large and small, who has contributed to the Foundation. People from all walks of life have trusted the Morris Area Foundation with their gifts and best wishes for the community. Thank you for sharing our vision and for helping us grow our community for good, forever.  Our heartfelt thanks to all our donors and sponsors as listed.


Access Credit Union

Anderson, Midge


Barker, Jean

Braun, Katherine

Bruno, Marion

Buhr, Ernest & Carol

Cadieux, Gladys

Clow, Bob & Eileen

Coates, Blaine & Catherine

Coates, Mr & Mrs H

Collette, Robyn

Coverton, Charles

Decima, Elizabeth

Derksen, John

Dickson, Joy

Dickson, Mildred

Dickson, William

Dreger, Edna

Dueck, Mervin

Edel, Ellie

Edel, Gary

Elias, Joyce & John

Erickson, Lou & L Mason

Evenson, Curtis & Pat

Fitchett, Myrna

Fujii, Sam H

Fulford, Rosalie & William

Giesbrecht, Avery

Goddard, Alan

Godkin, Helen

Godkin, Robert & Shirley

Graydon, Shawn

Gregory, Bruce

Groening, Patti

Grossman, Egon & Anne

Hamblin, Lorne & Christine

Harder, Wilfred

Heppner, Brendan

Hood, Darlene

Hruda, Dennis

Huff, Walter

Jennings, Bill

Johnson, Ken & Elaine

Kenna, Corinne & Gary

Kein, Dale & Bev

King, William

Landry, Ron & Barb

Lemay, Eileen

Lindsay, Irene

MacLeod, Isabelle & D Southam

Manness, Robert

March, William

Martin, Margaret

McCrady, Larry & Audrey

Modha, Sharoo

Murray, Ruth

Neumann, Sigmar & Wendy

Poersch, Lloyd

Quinn, Donald & Elma

Rempel, Lynn

Robert, Lucille

Schiewe, Wilfred & Eveline

Schwark, Irene

Snarr, Julie

Sommer, Helen

Stevenson, Barb & Del

Stevenson, Ingrid & Neil

Stevenson, Kevin

Stoez, David & Susan

Stupnisky, Shelley & Bud

Swain, Robert & Linda

Thomas Sill Foundation

Tynan, Nancy

United Church of Canada

Voigt, Mr & Mrs Harry

Wiens, Lionel

Wilfred Harder Inc.

Williams, Ron & Shirley

And all the Anonymous donors

All donations received through the Morris Area Foundation or Winnipeg Foundation (Endow Manitoba)


Thomas Sill Foundation
Bruce Gregory Law Office
The Winnipeg Foundation

Some donations were made in Memory of the following:

Annie & Bronson Stevenson

Carleton Marker

Darryl Derksen

Froese Bros – Bobby, Timmy, Danny & Henry

J.J. March

Leslie Edel

Lloyd & Dorothy Hamblin

Lorne Martin

Peter & Mary Dyck

Raj Modha

Red River Go Team

The Stevenson Family

Your contribution is a Gift that lasts forever in the RM & the Town of Morris.