Annual General Meeting – 2017

Annual General Meeting – 2017

A year has gone by quickly and we are again getting ready for our Annual General Meeting.  On behalf of The Morris Area Foundation, we invite you to attend our 3rd Annual General Meeting on June 8th at 7:00 pm at the Riverview Golf and Country Club in Morris. With your generous donor support, we have made significant progress. With your ongoing support, we hope to continue growing.  President Del Stevenson commented that “A lot has changed for the MAF since the start a mere 3 years ago. Starting with slightly more than $3,000 from a grant from the Morris Lions Club, our Endowment Fund now sits at over $135,000. Thanks to great support from organizations like the Thomas Sill Foundation, the Winnipeg Foundation, the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th and most of all the great support we have received from present and former residents and businesses of the Morris Foundation area, which includes the entire RM of Morris including the communities of Rosenort, Lowe Farm, Aubigny, Sperling and the Town of Morris”.  Want to hear more? Join us Thursday June 8th, 7pm. for coffee, cake and conversation.

At the meeting we will present our financial picture, our activities throughout the previous year and our strategies and growth prospects.  We will also be discussing future grants and have speakers from a few local charities.

Come and meet the board members, have coffee and share your ideas or concerns with us. We would love to see you at the meeting.  We would like to continue updating you on our progress.

Could you please provide us with your email address for further correspondence.

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