About Us

About Us

The Morris Area Foundation Inc. was established in 2013 by a group of community leaders who shared the conviction that when a group of individuals come together and work for a common good, they can bring positive, lasting change to their communities. MAF is a charitable organization that manages and invests gifts from individuals, families, and other organizations. The interest earned on these gifts is returned to our community, supporting local charities through financial grants. The Foundation enables donors big and small to help improve Morris and the surrounding area through charitable giving.


Since our humble beginnings in 2013, more than $170,000 has been invested permanently with the Foundation. People from all walks of life have trusted the Morris Area Foundation with their gifts and their best wishes for the community. When you give a gift to the Foundation, you’re giving a gift that gives forever, and helps ensure a bright future for Morris and the surrounding communities.


The Morris Area Foundation Inc. partners with donors to build permanent endowment funding from which projects of the entire Rural Municipality of Morris and the Town of Morris are supported.


The earnings from this fund are used to give grants to a wide range of area groups. Annual grants are awarded to qualified local organizations spearheading area building initiatives in such diverse fields as health care, education, arts and culture, recreation, environment and social services.

Our Vision

“That our entire community, our people and our prosperity, continue to grow in healthy and hearty ways.”


Our Mission

“By identifying and understanding our community’s needs, creating and maintaining partnerships that support effective solutions, and engaging and stewarding caring investors who fund our endowments and our grants, we are growing our entire community.”


Our Values

Commitment – We give our time and energy to support the growth of our community foundation and, in turn, our entire community.


Thoughtfulness – We place effort into understanding our community’s needs before making decisions and taking action.


SupportWe provide assistance to the local charities and organizations that are helping our community grow.


Integrity – We follow a code of especially moral values, of honesty, and of accountability.


Courage – We persevere, in the face of challenges, as we undertake our work as a community foundation.


Inclusiveness – We invite participation by all members of our community, and actively seek their input and perspective in helping us achieve our goals